Wednesday, December 20

Happy Holidays 2006

Now that our official 2006 holiday card has hit the streets, we're ready to unveil it online. We've received so many great compliments already (thank you). I only hope we can live up to expectations next year! Luckily, Bailey has proven herself to be a very cooperative participant. This year we had a little help from a smudge of doggie toothpaste on her nose. Usually I find all her post-treat lip-smacking annoying, but in this case the predictable licks came in handy.

Happy holidays to all of you. We wish you the best for the new year!

Monday, December 11

Lindsey and Tim in Puyallup

Congrats to our latest clients, Lindsey and Tim, who were married Dec. 8 at the Liberty Theater in Puyallup. They were the first couple we've seen who really used the theater to its full potential, kicking off the ceremony with a montage of movie love scenes. It was fun to see all of their guests watching the screen as if they'd just come there for a night of Hollywood-style entertainment. Of course, the feature presentation (their wedding itself) proved to be much more exciting.

Because Christmas is approaching, the Liberty is decked out in its full holiday decor. This added a lot of sparkle to the already-cool stage lights and allowed us to capture this awesome shot of Tim and Lindsey during their first dance as a married couple.

Sunday, December 3

Reluctant Reindeer

One of the downsides of being an exceptionally well-behaved dog owned by photographers is that you get subjected to the annual holiday card photo session. We took this shot after a big snow storm hit the Northwest on Nov. 28, pushing us past the amount of precipitation needed to make it the wettest month ever on record. This photo came in as a close second for our card but didn't quite make the cut. Happy Holidays!