Tuesday, January 12

Our blog has moved!

After over 3 years of blogging on Blogger with a URL of wallflowerphoto.blogspot.com, we have launched a brand-new blog for Wallflower Photography!

We are hosting the new Wordpress blog on our own server, so the new URL is www.wallflowerphoto.com/blog. We’ve given it a design overhaul with a slick new look and bigger-than-ever photos to give you a closer peek at our work. Although we'll continue to have this blog, we won't be adding any new posts, and all the old posts have imported into the new blog, so there's no good reason for you to ever return here. If you've bookmarked this blog, please change to the new URL, www.wallflowerphoto.com/blog.

Head on over to the new blog to check it out! While you're at it, might as well check out the blog of our brand-new baby and maternity portrait studio, Bump & Bambino, which is www.bumpandbambino.com/blog. It's a beauty too!

Tuesday, January 5

First Birthday Party

How fast a year goes! This past weekend, our good friends Chris and Jill celebrated the first birthday of their son Finn. We remember snuggling with this guy when he was just a couple of days old, and taking photos of his tiny toes — there's nothing tiny about him now!

Happy first birthday, Finn! We're excited to see what the next year brings for you (including a little baby sister, can't wait!)

Friday, December 25

Little Helper

As is true every year, this year's Wallflower/Schoeggl Christmas card features our golden retriever Bailey. She graciously agreed to share the spotlight this year with Caleb, who is now seven and a half months old!

We shot this photo in front of Caleb's closet, and getting our two subjects to perform together, on cue, was a fruitless endeavor. Yes, even photographers can fail to have a perfect family photo! Reviewing our shots afterwards, we found that every photo had some flaw — so we broke out the advanced Photoshop skills to synthesize a "perfect" shot.

The base photo that we chose had Caleb tucked perfectly into Bailey, who moved just a second or two after the shot was taken. But in that photo, Bailey wasn't smiling and Caleb's left elf-ear was drooping.

We ended up using a total of four photos to make the one you see above. In addition to the base photo, we borrowed Bailey's smile from one, a perky left elf-ear from another, and a section of Bailey's leg from a third to patch the part of her leg that had been blocked by the droopy elf-ear. Voila!

We use this technique for our clients, too. For example, big group photos at weddings often have someone blinking, frowning, or otherwise not looking their best, but we can borrow open eyes, smiles, or even whole faces from other photos to create our final image. Our clients never know, and that's how we like it.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! We wish you all the best in 2010.

Tuesday, December 22

Alums Tie the Knot

It was a lot of fun for us this summer to return to our alma mater for the wedding of Helen and Patrick, two fellow University of Puget Sound alums who selected Kilworth Chapel on campus for their wedding. (You can see their engagement pics here.)

Before arriving at the Tacoma chapel, Helen got ready with her girls at a friend's home nearby. Is it a sign of the times? Helen, months before, had programmed a "get married" reminder into her iPhone, which went off just before she wiggled into her dress.

Back at the chapel, bright colors were out in full force, thanks to some absolutely stunning wedding floral arrangements by Fiore Blossoms. Against the backdrop of Kilworth Chapel's signature organ pipes, the couple exchanged their vows, rings, and first kiss, then exited through the church doors in a flurry of rose petals thrown by guests.

We toured some of our favorite spots on campus for portraits with Helen and Pat while their guests headed over to the reception at Tacoma's classic Union Station. Here are a handful of our favorites showing off the ivy-draped brick walls and archways of our beloved campus.

This wedding was one of the most visually lush that we attended all year, with well-thought-out and well-done details from start to finish. It was a treat for us photographers! Check out Helen and Pat's creative approach to table seating cards, which recognized Union Station's history as a train depot.

After a great dinner, a round of toasts, and cake by Celebrity Cake Studio, the dancing and party began! Guests were energized by the musical stylings of cover band Daryl and the Diptones. Pat even took a competent turn on the drums!

Helen and Pat left Union Station under the glow of our favorite nighttime traditions — sparklers!

A double congrats to Helen and Pat, who not only tied the knot this summer but are expecting the arrival of their first child soon. We're so excited for you!

Saturday, December 5

Two Gorgeous Albums

Wow, it has been a really long time since our last post! Even though the "wedding season" ends in October and we only average about a wedding a month until spring, we're still very busy fulfilling print and album orders through Christmas. Plus, we've been working on some exciting new developments that we look forward to announcing soon!

We'll catch our blog up to our last two months of weddings and portrait sessions soon. In the meantime, we wanted to share a few photos of two amazingly gorgeous albums that arrived this week and are awaiting pickup. Both albums are metal-covered 11x14 Pictobooks, which is our main album line and what we believe to be the best albums on the market.

First is the album of Helen and Chris, a Museum of Glass wedding you can read about here. They chose the brushed aluminum cover with black leather binding and 3x7 cameo. This cover shimmers beautifully as light catches the fine scratches from different angles.

Here's one of the portrait session spreads, with the couple and their young daughter in front of the Hotshop Cone. One of the great features of these Pictobook albums is the ability to run a single photo from left edge to right, resulting in a 14x22 image. That's a HUGE size to be in an album. For comparison, our traditional wedding albums max out at 8x10.

Next is the album of Mikaely and Pat at Union Station, which you can read about here. They chose the gunmetal gray cover with chocolate black leather binding and 3x7 cameo. This cover just begs to be touched! The wavy-ribbed metal has a very soft feel that is so appealing.

This photo shows the album opened to the front spread, which we used as a title page featuring a lovely silhouette of the bride and groom in front of Union Station's Monarch Window, featuring Chihuly glass attached to the historic window lead.

Both albums come with a glossy cherry storage box, and we just started paying a little extra to have the Wallflower logo etched onto it, in place of the Pictobooks logo. The box is velvet-lined to protect the albums when they aren't being enjoyed.

These books, and the photos inside them, are real family heirlooms, and we love thinking about how they will be enjoyed not only by our clients, but by their future generations as well.

Friday, November 13

When Wedding Clients Become Portrait Clients (& Friends)

It's amazing how fast time flies. We're awakened to that fact every time one of our wedding clients from years past gets in touch with us to schedule a portrait session with their new baby, which is exactly what happened a few weeks ago with Celina, Sam and 6-week-old James.

We shot Celina and Sam's wedding in 2005 at the Bear Creek Country Club in Woodinville, although it feels like last year, or maybe the year before. It was great to see that they're doing well, and James is a total cutie! We conducted the portrait session in their beautiful North Seattle home, where James would be at his most comfortable. He did great, too — and I'm happy and relieved that I managed to catch a few shots of the one smile he cracked!

Such a cheeky little boy! Look at him flirting with mom.

Dad gets into the action, too.

James looks a little concerned to see such a big dog licking his lips ... but then promptly falls asleep anyway.

It was a cold and rainy day, so our outdoors work was limited to the front and back porches, with heavy bundling. Still worth it to get some extra variety, though!

Pretty darn cute, eh? And he already has a lot more hair at 6 weeks than our little guy has at 6 months!

Congrats to Celina and Sam, and welcome to the world, James!