Friday, November 30

Lesá and Jason at Kiana Lodge

Kiana Lodge, located in Poulsbo along the Hood Canal, is among the most beautiful wedding venues in the Puget Sound region. We had the pleasure of joining Lesá and Jason at Kiana Lodge for their wedding and had such a blast taking advantage of all the beautiful backdrops. This photo is one of my top picks from the wedding, a shot of Lesá and her daughter dancing. Of course, I love the tender moment between mother and daughter, but I think it's also great that, by choosing to shoot their reflection in a nearby window, Scott also captured the lush gardens that are so characteristic of the location. Our congrats to Lesá, Jason, and Nicole!

Tuesday, November 20

Emma and Tom in Seattle

One last post before we close shop for the Thanksgiving holiday! I promised more photos from our summer favorites, and so here are a couple more. These are from Emma and Tom's wedding in Seattle. Rather than go with the usual bride and groom shot, I wanted to pass along some images from one of the less noticed times of the day: the getting ready.

Above, you can see Emma's flowergirl showing off her brand new shoes. I love the framing here, catching a very fleeting moment while also showing off all the colors from their bouquets. And down below is a great "faces" shot of Emma, laughing up at her mother as they wait in the prep room for the ceremony to start. While they certainly aren't central moments of the day, I think getting-ready shots like these still tell a very important part of the story.

Friday, November 16

A season packed with pet portraits

This fall, we've been fortunate to have several family portrait sessions that focused heavily on furry friends. We absolutely love taking pet portraits, and it's fun to see other families like us who think of dogs as their children (just better behaved!).

Pet portraits are an exercise in patience, and we've found the best approach is simply to take a ton of photos. Ironically, one of the greater challenges in pet portraits is not getting a good shot of the animal, it's getting a good shot of the human (who often is too worried about what their pet is doing to pay attention to the camera!).

I love this shot, taken in Point Defiance Park, not only for its great color but also the artsy feel it takes on by viewing the family through the water ripples. It keeps the emphasis on the dogs but includes their "family life" too.

Monday, November 12

A few favorites from our summer

I'll be the first to admit that our blog has been a little boring lately! We've been caught in a whirlwind of photo processing and album designing, and have fallen short on sharing photos with you.

As a quick catch-up on a summer packed full of wonderful weddings, we're including a random collection of a few of our favorites, and hopefully I'll be able to post more soon.

Pilar and Matt, Court in the Square in Seattle. A fun covered courtyard tucked away near Qwest Stadium. Look through our June archives to see our post from their engagement session.

Cynthia and Aaron, Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood. One of our favorite spots, and we appreciated how freely the bride and groom smiled and laughed! It obviously was a fun day for everyone.

Anna and Dave, Scenic Beach State Park in Seabeck. An especially fun wedding for us because this is where we got married, too! It was the first time we'd been back in the five years since our wedding. Anna and Dave were such a sweet, easygoing couple and made for a perfect return to the park.