Wednesday, April 16

First Presbyterian Photo Safari

I again had the honor of participating in one of the City of Tacoma's photo safaris. This one was held at the historic First Presbyterian Church, which is in Tacoma's Stadium District just down the road from our home. It's actually one of the few big, old churches in our area that we haven't shot a wedding at yet, and boy would we like to — it's very beautiful!

I got to explore from the basement to the top of the tower, climbing many stairs and then a ladder to get there. The tower has seen a lot of avian visitors over many years, and the hand-wipes were much appreciated after coming back down (eww).

The top photo is of one of the prettier stained-glass windows I've ever seen, and I took the one below that up on a little walkway on the orange tile roof that leads to the utility cabinet, the clasp of which you can see in the photo at bottom. You'll probably see all three of these photos and more show up on our Fine Art website at some point, but if you gotta have a print now, just let us know! Also keep an eye out for them in the City Hall exhibit next month. Right now we have two 16x24 canvas prints from the Pythian Temple safari on display on the 12th floor — check 'em out!

Wednesday, April 2

New Additions to our Fine Art Galleries

As promised, we've put a whole bunch of new photos on our Fine Art Gallery from our recent trip to Nevada's incredible little Valley of Fire State Park. They turned out so good, we ended up adding 24 new shots to the 10 we took during our last visit in 2005! The petroglyphs photo above is one of our favorite new VOF shots. To view the rest, click the Valley of Fire link in the Landscapes section of our Fine Art web gallery.

While you're on our main website, visit the Urbanscapes section to check out our "Shiny" series, which is a collection of very cool urban reflection shots taken wherever we find them. Our primary motivation for the trip to Nevada was to attend the WPPI conference in Las Vegas, and while we were there we found a little time to go in search of more glitz to add to this series. We ended up with four new additions, including the photo below, which features a reflection in the new-to-us Wynn casino/hotel. Let us know what you think of our new galleries!