Tuesday, January 12

Our blog has moved!

After over 3 years of blogging on Blogger with a URL of wallflowerphoto.blogspot.com, we have launched a brand-new blog for Wallflower Photography!

We are hosting the new Wordpress blog on our own server, so the new URL is www.wallflowerphoto.com/blog. We’ve given it a design overhaul with a slick new look and bigger-than-ever photos to give you a closer peek at our work. Although we'll continue to have this blog, we won't be adding any new posts, and all the old posts have imported into the new blog, so there's no good reason for you to ever return here. If you've bookmarked this blog, please change to the new URL, www.wallflowerphoto.com/blog.

Head on over to the new blog to check it out! While you're at it, might as well check out the blog of our brand-new baby and maternity portrait studio, Bump & Bambino, which is www.bumpandbambino.com/blog. It's a beauty too!

Tuesday, January 5

First Birthday Party

How fast a year goes! This past weekend, our good friends Chris and Jill celebrated the first birthday of their son Finn. We remember snuggling with this guy when he was just a couple of days old, and taking photos of his tiny toes — there's nothing tiny about him now!

Happy first birthday, Finn! We're excited to see what the next year brings for you (including a little baby sister, can't wait!)