Friday, July 20

Tanya and Jordan at Newcastle

We experienced one of the most beautiful sunset portrait sessions we've had during Tanya and Jordan's wedding at Newcastle Golf Club. This photo caught my eye as a dramatic and fun take on the Seattle skyline. Those who know our style well know that we're not afraid to use a special effect from time to time, but this one is straight-up as-it-came without any heavy processing. I love capitalizing on the funky things that happen when you shoot straight into the sun! Tanya and Jordan, congratulations, and we are totally looking forward to sharing the rest of the photos with you soon.

Tuesday, July 17

Narrows Bridge Run

On Sunday we participated in the Narrows Bridge Run, which kicked off the grand opening of the new suspension bridge here in Tacoma. New bridges don't come along too often, so we wanted to take part just for the sake of being right smack dab in the middle of all the action. Over 10,000 participated in the 5K run/walk along with us, and by the end of the day 50,000 people had toured the new bridge. Since we were taking part in the event, we didn't take too many photos but Scott got some great shots nonetheless. Here you can see the sea of white shirts from all the 5K racers.

Tuesday, July 10

Jenny and Jeff in Seattle

Congratulations to Jenny and Jeff!

We're way behind on our blog updates but wanted to take a quick minute to post one of our favorites from their wedding and pass along our well wishes to the happy couple. We had a blast at the wedding and ended up with so many great photos to pick from. Scott took this photo from the back of the church, looking through the diamond-shaped window in the sanctuary doors. I love how it brings your eye straight to Jenny and Jeff, and the color of the stained glass is a nice touch, too. Their wedding was beautiful!