Monday, August 31

Linking Tacoma's Glass Hot Spots

The awesome wedding of Helen and Chris followed a script that could have been written by Tacoma's Chamber of Commerce:The downtown settings, a polar opposite of their engagement portraits at Point Defiance Park last fall, were every bit as photogenic. Check out this view from the top floor of Hotel Murano, where you can clearly see the Hotshop Cone, where we'll soon be heading. Be sure to peek at the peak hiding behind the curtain! Don't forget you can click any image to see it larger.

The couple's daughter Ella made sure that no boys entered the bride's room! The same rules don't apply for her in the groom's room, obviously!

We took a few bride and groom portraits at Hotel Murano, including on this fantastic pink patio set in front of the Savi Day Spa, then we walked down to the nearest light rail stop. Because the wedding party was running a bit late, we took a detour to the Convention Center to get a view of Mount Rainier and the Cone before climbing aboard the next train and heading to the Museum of Glass.

Helen and Chris staged their ceremony on the Main Plaza of the Museum of Glass, which is one level closer to the water than this 2008 wedding on the Mezzanine Plaza. The Main Plaza is currently beautified by an art installation called Fluent Steps, which you can see in several of these photos.

The reception decor featured shimmery purple/green tablecloths and big, crystal-laden floral arrangements by J. Robbins Florist.

Congrats again to Helen and Chris!

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